Jacky Edwards GLASS

Artist’s Statement

People’s stories fascinate me. The ordinary and extra-ordinary.  I am drawn by our wonderful differences whilst celebrating our sameness of thoughts, fears, hopes and aspirations.

Working life strengthened my passion for equality and fairness. Talking to people who have lived the worst of experiences whilst others have only known comfort and joy has illustrated the hair’s breadth between wellbeing, exclusion and misery.

I have seen how community, collaboration, creativity and kindness has such a positive impact, the smallest of actions reaping greater benefit than can often be articulated.

Glass offers me a medium that in some ways replicates the human condition – sometimes shiny, glossy, bright, clear and very strong, but in other forms brittle, matt, light and fragile.

As my work develops, I hope to give people pause, opportunities to recognise our similarities, differences and connections; the challenge of living and working together and the benefit of the collaborative collective.